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Constitution of a Superior Bull
Concentration and combinations of desirable genes and genetics

Genetics must be synchronized and concentrated to be repeatable, predictable and perform on your grass in your environment. That is only possible from within your herd with bulls that are of paternal genetics that come from your herd. A bull moved to another environment takes 3-5 years to return to full performance value, including reproductive responses from environmental and forage adaptations and possibly some genetic transfer to offspring.
A Bull should be of a paternal decent, not of maternal decent to be predictable. It takes more knowledge of your cattle and genetics to create paternal sires than maternal sires.  They “just happen” in the breeding programs of today. That is the way breeding is managed today. Is it not time for a new set of standards? Is it not time for a new paradigm shift?

If you take a look at how God built the Levitical tribe you will find there are no women mentioned in any of the genealogies. There are 3 names of women after Sarah and Malcha, (sisters) and between Abraham & David.  However, they were used to produced sons that that were used back in the genealogies to bring out certain characteristics and traits in leaders like David and his descendants and eventually the unblemished sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ. Moses’ mother was also his aunt. Moses was among the most intelligent and wisest men who ever lived. I wonder if Someone had a plan in place to help His people?

Intelligent breeding of cows requires us to do more than put a bull out with the cows. It requires us to know the genetics in our herds, how they function and how they mix and match. You cannot build paternal bulls with any of the breeding practices used in America today. The inexperienced cattlemen today do as well producing bulls as those breeders with 30 years practice. The old time breeders follow the system for the almighty dollar just as the inexperienced breeder do. Where is the American interrogatory in the seed-stock providers with this type of practice?

This leaves us with only one option and that is to produce our own bulls and concentrate our own genetics and gene pools our self from our own commercial cows in our own environment that works on grass. We will become the pioneers in our industry!
Dennis McDonald in Galt, Missouri has been selecting bulls from his own herd for the past 10 years. There is a high probability that every cow and bull in his herd bare a low level of kinship at this point. In the process of mixing & matching, culling and selection,   Dennis has produced 3 bulls that are in use today that are phenotypically better than he could possibly buy, full of retail product and all this on grass. One of the bulls is very predictable in his herd. This quality of bull would not be for sale from a seed stock farm and if they were the price would be prohibitive. In 2001 Dennis segregated 32 of his elite cows in one herd and put his most predictable (best) bull with extreme masculinity, deep wide chest, great crest, 52 inches at hip, wide rump, 2000 pound with the 32 cows. Every cow calved in the first 28 days of the breeding season. All of the calves are superior in growth; all have good glandular function and a greater volume of meat (retail product) than their peers in the average of his herd.

Dennis will breed the heifers from those mating to a half brother and began the next level of genetic concentration and selection. The secret to Dennis’s success is his ability to select. He is at the point that culling is easier. He has developed a standard for his herd. Selection requires wisdom and knowledge of his cattle, how they perform on his grass and in the environment. There is no way Dennis could go outside his herd and buy bull genetics that are synchronized or predictable and consistent with his cows and environment. He is putting his bulls back on his cows for about $500.00.
Dennis is concentrating the genetic makeup of his cows and bulls through out the entire herd to his grass and environment. He has began collecting data such as loin size and shape, tenderness and intramuscular fat and back fat by use of ultrasound, ruggedness and easy fleshing regarding the width and depth of shoulders and heart girth. Each of the mentioned selection points is critical to Dennis producing high quality meat for himself and his neighbors. Each animal is measured and assessed for volume of saleable retail product, glandular function and structure before going back into the herd.

Dennis will continue breeding the 32 cows to the same bull as long as he lives or until he out produces himself (because of genetic progress) with a son or a grandson that is produced from a daughter or granddaughter for replacement. In time, the entire herd will be replaced with the type of cows he desire for function of all types.

If you are a cattleman with a lower number of cows and you aspire to create your own bulls you may need to do a little AI breeding from a superior bull for 3-4 generations to create a concentration of your own gene pool from your own cow herd. Should you choose to begin such a project do your homework.

Every cattleman knows his best cows. They can be identified by those that put the best calves with the most meat on the carcass and do the best on your pasture and in your environment. You select a superior bull that has a brother or very close relative that is superior so breeding the heifers back will yield the desired type and the genetic makeup will stay constant in the building process.  Do not outcross.

After you have established the desired genetic make-up of the herd, you can switch back and forth between the two bulls as time requires, plus other sons will evolve from the breeding program and each cow represent a different blood line. If at some point after the paternal sire line has been established, you need some type of change in conformation of some characteristic or performance you would find an outside female and introduce her to the sire and bring about change through establishing a new blood line with the already established sires. Remember the female is a genetic helpmate.

 The paternal sire is very obtainable in a herd of 20-50 cows. Every cattle person has at least 10% of his cow herd that is superior. If you have two superior cows and breed them to a superior bull you have begun a superior blood line. Reality is if you breed every cow to a superior bull you will be surprised at what happens. Record and watch what happens over a few generations. Selection of the cows and a great bull is the beginning point. Or you can begin as Dennis McDonald has with what you have. Select, believe and ask for and seek wisdom and watch the changes come. We have practiced the same breeding practices for the past 50 years, consider where we are. Will your cattle's genetics efficiently utilize your grass? It is time for a new set of leaders and a new set of rules in "our" industry. You and I are those leaders.  We are seeking the truth! Let us do it right!!

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