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Linear measuring is designed to help the producer choose the body type or form (phenotype) of bull and cow that will be high in reproduction, meat production and low in maintenance. Measuring of the many different body parts allows the operator to recognize structural and functional defects, which are genetic defects, and potential problems that arise from improper breeding practices. Linear measuring teaches the operator about body form and function.

Linear measuring is not about a gene pool concentration.  That comes later. Linear measuring is about selecting animals for proper type or form (phenotype). Therefore the desired function can be achieved. Choosing the proper body type or form and mating those cows and bulls with each other (kin folk) will build a concentrated gene pool that is consistent, predictable and works best on grass.  Steers and heifers will finish in 16 to 18 months on grass.

Utilising Linear Measuring procedures and methods allows the operator to choose the body type or form that the environment around the animals calls for (weather, forage, management, etc.).

Linear measuring works as well for the dairy operator. The cows and bulls he builds from linear measuring will perform best on grass, be high in reproduction and low in maintenance.

Building herds of cows and bulls with the proper form and type sets the stage for healthy, calving ease cows with longevity as is outlined in the instructions. Mastering the instruction manuals teaches you about the many body styles and the effects they have on function and performance of the animal. These practices create grass-based genetics. This type of cow must work for the producer 10 months of the year or she will become fat on grass and therefore reproductively unsound.

Enjoy this study and allow our Creator to bless you in all areas of your life and  livestock. We have not because we ask not (James 4:2).

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