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Here are some links to people with whom we share information and have common goals:

A2 Milk Testing
Dr. Richard Olree is in private practice and has been for over 29 years. With Charles Walters he wrote the book “Minerals for the Genetic Code”. Dr. Olree has established a company called ‘A1A2 Genetic Testing Services’. For further reading on research of the A1 milk science you can go to his web site.  You can also download instructions on how to test your cows for the A1 A2  gene variation. Dr. Olree can be contacted at 989-742-2561 or you can write to Dr. Olree at the
A1A2 Gene Testing Services,
PO Box 550,
Hillman, Michigan, 49746.

                                                                           Selenium in dairy cattlel:

Youtube Video:  Prof John Cant and PhD student Scott Cieslar fed organic-selenium-enriched diets to 80 cows at the Elora Dairy Research Station, and took samples of their mammary tissue. Now, they are analyzing the mammary cells to see if the selenium affected their survival and anti-oxidant status.

North American Devon Video: