Mission Statement

The mission of Gearld Fry and Bovine Engineering is to provide a source of continuing education in the cattle industry.  Creating dynamic bulls capable of reproducing superior traits in their progeny is paramount.  These cattle “must” be functional on grass, as our Creator intended.  It is essential that the end product be a tender and tasty experience for the consumer and provide you,  the supplier, with sustainable retail gain.  Anything less is un acceptable!  The meat produced by these animals should be capable of being labeled “gourmet” and served in the finest eating establishments throughout the world.

In my world travels I have found a few herds in which neither the cattle nor their ancestors have ever tasted grain, being forever raised on grass.

The bulls I have chosen are well above the minimum standards for performance, volume of meat, reproduction, utilization of grass, tender and tasty.  I am making the genetics of those bulls available to you via semen.  They can be viewed here at my website. 

Let us not continue breeding and producing the low-quality commodity beef being marketed today, but strive to get back to the basic groundwork of quality laid by our forefathers and our Creator.

Blessings to you,

Gearld Fry















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