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FOR SALE  (Listed 8/14/17)

15 Head  of non-registered, open Red Devon heifers with a lot of Rotokawa breeding.  Ages are weaned to two-years old.  All grass-fed.  No antibiotics, hormones, or grain.  Priced to sell.

 One (1) Half Red Devon – Half Angus 

One (1) Three-Quarter Red Devon 

Two (2) Seven-Eighths Red Devon 

Eleven (11) Full Blooded Red Devon 

This is a group of animals I have supplied some of the paternal genetics for development. This is a totally grass based group of females. Your good management is all that is needed for these females to be a grass profitable herd. If you are interested in grass genetics, tenderness and juicy meat then these females are for you.  GF

Please contact: Randy & Nancy Williams - (870) 429-6591  (please leave a message & we’ll return your call) or 

Or Gearld Fry - 501-454-3253

FOR SALE.  50 head or so grass-fed calves.
Sired by Devon. Mamas are Angus/Hereford, black baldy, and red baldy.
Most of the calves were born May 13 to June 30.  Weaned April 15.
These calves were fed hay on pasture alongside their mama this winter,
and only brought in to the pens for weaning.
These calves had no grain, only supplemented with Redmond salt, minerals,
and apple cider vinegar.
Calves are certified organic, and all pasture and feed is certified organic.

Lance and Doris Ekberg
Hamill, South Dakota
(605) 842-3108


We have a nice group of 40 Devon %-blood heifers (1/2 to 7/8-blood) for sale.  These gals range from 14-18 months old, and are the progeny of Devon bulls (primarily Rotokawa, Buckeye, and Guardsman F142 genetic lines) over some very good grass-phenotype proven English-bred commercial stock.

These would make excellent starters for a grass-fed herd, and we are pricing them aggressively (and more aggressively if someone wants to take the entire lot).    You can click on the link below to see the album.  We also have some extremely nice purebred Devon pairs for sale, if anyone is interested.

Here is a link to the heifers for sale.

We’re pricing these to move them quickly, and we appreciate you sharing this with your clients.  Interested buyers can reach us at: or
(479) 299-4368.  


Greg & Lavonne Hickl